General regulations on business activities


Trading in animal products at Binh Dien Market must comply with the following regulations


1. To have a business registration certificate issued by a competent agency;

2. Has been trained in food safety and hygiene, certified by the health authority;

3. Must be fit for business lines as prescribed by the Ministry of Health, not suffer from infectious diseases, skin diseases and have regular health checks according to regulations;

4. To comply with the periodic or irregular sampling for testing when there are signs that the product is not of satisfactory quality and bear the expenses during the testing, handling and storage of animal products;

5. Fully equipped with items, ensuring the hygiene requirements for business activities, providing protective equipment for employees participating in business activities; equipped with white light in accordance with regulations;

6. To be responsible for the origin of meat traded to meet the requirements of food hygiene and safety, to comply with the inspection and handling by the authorities, to be responsible for products in the area under their management. . Making declaration in the diary of each batch of goods imported to the market for business;

7. Be responsible for managing its staff, organizing regular health check-ups according to regulations of the Ministry of Health and participating in training courses on knowledge of food hygiene and safety by health authorities, agencies. veterinary organizations;

8. Business owners and employees must comply with the regulations on food hygiene and safety in the course of business under the guidance and supervision of veterinary and health agencies;

9. Traders and people who come for transactions, purchase and sale, visit and perform public duties at markets must have the responsibility to preserve the common aesthetic order, be conscious of environmental protection, and practice commercial civilization; dress neatly and elegantly in communication (not to spit, defecate, throw garbage indiscriminately, ... in a market house);

10. Do not smoke in the poultry-meat cage when the market is operating.


1. Originating from slaughterhouses which have been inspected by veterinary agencies, affixed with slaughter control stamps and issued quarantine certificates, when entering markets, must make quarantine declaration to veterinary offices at markets;

2. It is strictly forbidden to trade and transport animal products that have not been examined by veterinary authorities, products from sick or dead animals, products that have been damaged, rancid, spilled or dirty. … Prohibit the act of pumping water, applying industrial colors, smearing blood or harmful chemicals into products; All goods must be preliminarily processed and cleaned before being imported to the market for trading;

3. Meat of animals in the course of sale must be hung on trusses; meat hooks, containers, and business tools must be hygienic and cleaned daily before and after business; The preparation and removal of meat must be done on a stainless steel table with a minimum height of 0.8 m;

4. Frozen animal products must be displayed for sale and stored in insulated cabinets to ensure the storage temperature during the sale and purchase process as recommended by the manufacturer.


1. Fresh animal products imported to the market must be transported by specialized means, the meat of cattle is hooked on a suspension platform or only one layer on the stainless steel floor. Animal products are not allowed to be stacked on a vehicle; vehicles for transporting frozen animal products must be insulated vehicles with the manufacturer's recommended temperature;

2. The transportation of meat into cage house areas and to the parking lot for export out of the market must be done by trolleys with containers made of stainless steel and designed to ensure hygienic and convenient conditions. hygiene and poisoning;

3. It is strictly forbidden to use means and instruments that fail to meet veterinary hygiene standards or have transported or exposed hazardous substances or wastes to transport or contain animal products;

4. Means of transport and product containers, when being transported, must be cleaned and disinfected to dry and clean before and after transportation. 3.3. Regulations for the fruit and vegetable industry Introduction: Binh Dien wholesale market of various kinds of vegetables - fruits - fruits, to protect the public health and increase commercial civilization, The company actively implemented the project "Quality control of safe vegetables and fruits at Binh Dien market", according to Official Letter No. 2259 / UB-CNN, dated April 19, 2005 on the implementation of the program of safe vegetables project. all at City NSTP wholesale market. The flip side: Vegetables and fruits are foods that often cause human poisoning. Depending on the type of food that has different poisoning such as: Due to microorganisms, additives, ... Test method: Analysis method GT-Test Kit Thailand.