At midnight on the "market of those who do not sleep" in the middle of COVID-19 season

Dubbed the "market of those who do not sleep" - Binh Dien wholesale market (District 8, HCMC) has 10,000 to 20,000 people every night, buying, selling and transporting goods. The risk of the COVID-19 epidemic spreading here is very large.


Every night at about 22:00, trucks gather from the places of loading goods to Binh Dien wholesale market (District 8, HCMC). From this time to 6am the next morning, the market is always bustling, crowded, people come in and out of business.
With the characteristics of a gathering place of many people, from many localities, there is a high potential risk of infection. Therefore, Binh Dien wholesale market is implementing many measures to prevent and control COVID-19 epidemic such as measuring body temperature, mandatory wearing a mask for people entering the market. in front of the road to cage houses in Binh Dien wholesale market. 
 Banners and banners are hung densely in the area of Binh Dien wholesale market.
Ms. Trinh Thi Nhu Y (working at a seafood warehouse in Binh Dien wholesale market) said: "In recent days, the market management board has arranged many loudspeakers to call for buyers to buy, sell and do business in the home area. The cage strictly implements wearing masks. The security force also regularly reminds people to wear masks ".
 According to Ms. Tran Thuy Lien - Director of Binh Dien Market Management and Trading Company, right from the first phase of COVID-19 outbreak in February, Binh Dien wholesale market has implemented the mandatory wearing of masks for people entering the market. During the second epidemic, the market continues to maintain the mandatory wearing of masks and temperature measurement for people entering the market area. 
Mr. Thanh (a trader at Binh Dien wholesale market) said that mandatory mask wearing has been applied for many months now. However, most of the people working in the market are manual workers, sometimes working tired, wearing masks, so they sometimes "pull down the masks to breathe".
According to Ms. Tran Thuy Lien - Director of Binh Dien Market Management and Trading Company, the campus of Binh Dien market is large, each cage house in the market has about 20,000 square meters with the number of active people about 5,000-7,000 people. With the characteristics of the worker (employee) with hands and feet to carry, it is also difficult for the employee to wear a mask throughout the working process.
Some cases are still not serious about wearing a mask at the market. The representative of Binh Dien wholesale market said that in the coming time, it would strengthen propaganda activities to remind the wearing of masks to prevent disease at the market.
 At 10:30 p.m. on November 11, the mission of the People's Committee of District 8 (Ho Chi Minh City) had an inspection of the prevention and control of diseases COVID-19 at the cage house of the wholesale market in Binh Dien.