Binh Dien Wholesale Market is supplying some supporting services for the market’s activities as follows: (pictures for each service)

  • Container Parking
  • Load and unload service
  • Ice manufacturing plant
  • Food and Drink 
  • Restrooms
  • Vehicle parking lots
  • Semi - processing area
  • Cold storage (up to 20,000 pallets)
  • Storage systems
  • Gas station
  • Banking service 
  • Water and power supplies
  • Security & fire protection
  • Waste and waste water treatment (up to 2500m3/day)
  • River port (to Mekong Delta)
  • Food Quality Control 

Our dear customers who have renting demand of supplying services please feel free to contact The Service – Renting management Department at (028)37590001 - Ext: 153.