Outline of Establishment

Binh Dien wholesale market was planned to be built in 2003 and put into operation in 2006 under the policy of relocating the wholesale places in the inner city to the suburb of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee. Accordingly, 8 out of 10 wholesale markets including Cau Ong Lanh Market, Cau Muoi Market, Xom Cui Market, Tran Chanh Chieu Market, An Lac Market, etc. were relocated to Binh Dien Market with the main businesses being Seafood, fresh water food and Vegetables. 

The market is operated and managed by Binh Dien Market Management and Trading Company - a branch of Saigon Trading Corporation. Currently, the Market has completed and put into operation 7 markets specializing in meat products, fresh seafood, dried seafood, vegetables, fruits and fresh flowers and a network of ancillary services.

Geographical location

Binh Dien Wholesale Market is located in Binh Dien Trading Center with an area of 65 ha in strategic position in both land and water transportation.

About land transportation, Binh Dien Market is adjacent to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, 750m from National Highway 1A and 15km from the City Center to the Southwest.

About water transportation, the Market is adjacent to the Ben Luc River, convenient for the goods transport by ships from the provinces in the Mekong Delta region in and out of the Market.


Investment Progress

The project size is 65 hectares, including functional areas and markets.
Up to now, the Market has received and arranged all business activities for 1,400 traders from the wholesale markets in the inner city and has been operating quite stably and orderly. Traders are arranged to do business in 07 markets:

Market A: Sector of fresh flower 
Market B: Sector of vegetables, mushrooms, spices
Market D: Sector of high-grade Copper and Seafood products
Market F: Fishery products (marine fish)
Market H: Meat of poultry, agricultural products (rice, scoop, bean) and steamed Fish
Market K: Dried aquatic products and fish sauce
Market T: Fruits industry

The investment progress so far has basically completed construction on a total area of 34 ha (out of a total of 65 ha) and is preparing some steps to finish the projects on the remaining area.