Fresh Fruits

Market T was put into operation in November 2006, specializing in trading fresh fruit items with an area of over 10,000m2. This is the place to gather a lot of fresh fruits of Vietnam, especially from the Mekong Delta region such as 5 Roi pomelo, Lo Ren star apple, Lai Vung orange and red tangerin, Hoa Loc mango, ...

The average transaction fruit output is from 350 to 400 tons/night, providing 20% of the fruit demand in the city. Along with the increasing demand of the market, the market T also has so much potential for development to become a modern specialized market with large scale.

Main Products : Fresh Fruit
Total Area : 10 000 m2
Trading Ares : 20 m2/stall
Number of Stall : 200
Average Output : About 350 tons/day
Average Revenue : About 7 - 10 billion VND/day
Operating Time : From 11pm to 05am