Market H was put into operation in June 2008, with traders specializing in trading cattle and poultry meat products, sugar bean and rice. The main product is pork, with an average transaction volume of 2700 - 3000 heads/night, meeting 25% of the city's meat demand. All goods have quarantine and origin access as well as are checked by the Veterinary team at the market every night.

In 2018, the pork specialized area was funded by the World Bank with a capital of up to $2 million through the Lifsap project to upgrade the entire infrastructure, equipped with cold system throughout the entire market to ensure food safety and hygiene for city people.

Main Product : Cattle and poultry meat; sugar, bean, ride products...   
Total Area : 16.000 m 2
Trading Area :
Number of Stall : 288
Average Output : About 300 tons/day
Average Revenue : About 17 billion VND/day
Operating Time : From 11pm to 05am