Prepare goods for Lunar New Year 2018 Mau Tuat: No sudden increase in prices

The Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City informed that in order to prepare goods to serve consumer needs on the Lunar New Year 2018, the Department has worked with businesses and localities to supply sources of goods. It is forecasted that the Tet products will both ensure the source and not happen the sudden increase in prices.

Many businesses have planned to prepare the Lunar New Year 2018 from many months now.

Make sure to source

Ms. Nguyen Huynh Trang - Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City said that the Department has completed the production and storage plan for the Lunar New Year 2018. According to the plan, businesses (DN) preparation for production, the reserve to supply for the 2 months of Tet is 17,812.1 billion VND, an increase of 743.3 billion VND (4.17%) compared to the capital source for the 2017 Dinh Dau Tet.

In which, the value of goods preparing to stabilize the market is 7,044.8 billion dong. To prepare and mobilize well sources of goods to serve the consumption needs of the city people, the Department has actively worked with localities with a large supply of abundant goods for the city such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Lam. Dong, Ben Tre, Dong Thap, An Giang ... Information from provinces and cities helps the city to grasp well the situation of farming and producing goods for Tet. 

Particularly for supply companies, the Department of Industry and Trade has surveyed the market, inspected businesses on the ability to supply sources of goods to prepare for Tet. The results show that the units are well-prepared, the source of goods is plentiful and plentiful, and the distribution system is wide. It is expected that the volume of goods imported to the 3 wholesale markets on average is over 9,000 tons / day, mainly agricultural products, vegetables, fruits, meat, cattle and seafood; accounting for about 60-70% of the market.

The time of Tet, the amount of goods coming to the market increases about 80% compared to normal days, up to 15,000-16,000 tons / day. Similarly, the system of supermarkets, trade centers, convenience stores for Tet goods increases by 2-3 times compared to the normal month. Many groups of prepared goods are large, accounting for 32% -55% of market demand such as: Poultry (57.1%), poultry eggs (47.1%), processed foods (39, 1%), animal meat (35.5%), cooking oil (34.5%), rice (29.3%) ...

Talking about the supply of goods during the upcoming Lunar New Year, Ms. Trang said that the demand for beer and soft drinks in Ho Chi Minh City is about 41.1 million liters of beer and 47.2 million. liter of soft drink / Tet month, increasing about 30% compared to normal month. Currently, businesses have been actively preparing to implement the Tet supply plan.

Goods of cakes, jam and candies; The Department of Industry and Trade forecasts that the demand for consumption in the city is about 18,000 tons of cakes and candies. Confectionery companies this year focus on improving designs, improving quality and having many different prices. Many manufacturers bring to the market product lines for Tet with eye-catching packaging, bold colors, spring atmosphere, especially for products used as gifts and gifts.

No sudden price increases

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, due to the good preparation of goods to meet the consumption needs during the Tet holiday, the prices of essential goods serving the shopping needs of this year's Tet will be stable, unlikely to happen in price fluctuations. In addition to the large supply, from the beginning of the year until now, the price index of the food group in the city has decreased by 2.08%, due to the impact of a number of items in the market stabilization program such as: 8.54% - 10.54%; poultry meat decreased by 0.24% - 3.39%; poultry eggs decreased by 1.55% - 6.08%; fresh seafood decreased by 0.75% - 7.6% ... the remaining products were relatively stable. 

Enterprises participating in the stabilization program also pledged to keep prices stable, not to increase selling prices 1 month before and after Tet, and at the same time to implement deep discounts in 2 days near Tet for essential goods such as: Pork, chicken, poultry ... At the same time, in the month before Tet, in order to stimulate consumer purchases, businesses will conduct more than 1,500 promotions, focusing on Tet products such as: Beverage thirst, cakes, candies, jam, clothes ... worth about 1,200 billion. Regarding the price of Tet goods, some major distribution systems such as Saigon Co-op, Satra, and BigC organized discounts from 5% - 49% for thousands of items for Tet such as: Soft drinks, cake, candy, jam ...

In order to deal with and prevent the increase in commodity prices, the Department of Industry and Trade coordinates with the Department of Finance and the People's Committee of 24 districts to monitor the market price situation. In which, focusing on the management and inspection of prices to promptly adjust to suit the market situation. In particular, to inspect and resolutely handle price violations at retail points, markets and supermarkets. In addition to anti-sudden price checks, market management forces will regularly and continuously check and control key areas to detect and promptly handle smuggling and trading. Prohibited goods, booths, counterfeit goods ...