Dong Nai will become a regional logistics center

After a quiet period, from 2016 to now, Binh Duong real estate has started to be active again. In the new prosperity, investment flows are flowing strongly to the North of the province, particularly Ben Cat town - where a boom of large-scale land projects.

South of Binh Duong: Rare ground with new supply

Compared to neighboring real estate markets such as Dong Nai and Long An, Binh Duong is a satellite market with an active "history" from ten years ago. In the period of 2008-2009, Binh Duong used to be the center of the land fever, attracting a large number of investors from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and surrounding areas. Meanwhile, Dong Nai and Long An land plots have only started to wave since 2015 thanks to the improvement of the transport infrastructure system or planning information such as the Ben Luc - Ho Chi Minh City - Long expressways. Thanh, Long Thanh airport, Cat Lai bridge, Metro line ...

Binh Duong: Capital flows strongly into the Ben Cat land market
Although not welcoming many large-scale land projects,
there are many high-end apartment projects in the southern market of Binh Duong. 

The position of a large industrial province, always in the top of the country in attracting FDI for decades, contributes to the development of real estate in Binh Duong. The southern region of the province includes Di An town, Thuan An town and Thu Dau Mot city that used to be the focal point of the land fever in the 2008-2009 period. This area has many industrial parks and large-scale export processing zones such as Song Than 1, Song Than 2, Binh Duong, Tan Dong Hiep A, Tan Dong Hiep B, Tan Binh Industrial Park, VSIP 1 (Vietnam - Singapore 1). ) ...

However, for the past 2 years, in the South of Binh Duong, there were not many large-scale land projects launched for sale. The process of urbanization and the period of hot development earlier made the land fund in this area not much. Trading in the market is mostly secondary coming from old projects. Up to now, land in the South of Binh Duong has set a fairly high price level. Land for An Phu project is being sold at 17-18 million VND / m2, while in the middle of 2017, the price is 15-16 million VND / m2, the land price of Vsip 1 project is being offered for 17-19 million VND. / m2, while the selling price at the beginning of last year was 13-15 million VND / m2. Central Garden project was offered for sale from 16-18 million VND / m2 at the end of 2017, it is now 19-22 million VND / m2 ...

Notably, although not welcoming many large-scale land projects, the southern market of Binh Duong appears many high-end apartment projects with an average price of 15-35 million VND / m2 like The Habitat Binh Duong , Eco Xuan, Sora Gardens, Roxana Plaza, Citadines Central, Marina Tower or Samsora ... Apartment segment in Binh Duong is bought by investors and leased to professionals and foreigners working in industrial zones.

The rise of the real estate market in the North

Contrary to the South of Binh Duong, only in the past 2 years, the northern region of the province has welcomed a series of large-scale land projects. In the North of Binh Duong, there are towns of Ben Cat, Bau Bang and Phu Giao, of which Ben Cat town is the region where FDI inflows are strongest. Therefore,  the projects are concentrated in Ben Cat town such as Ben Cat Golden Land, Golden Center City 1, Golden Center City 2, Spring City, Rich Home 1, Rich Home 2, Mega City, College Town 3, Ben Cat Center City… All projects have prices ranging from 3.5-7 million VND / m2.

Binh Duong: Capital flows strongly into the Ben Cat land market
Just over the past two years, the northern region of Binh Duong has welcomed a series of large-scale land projects

Compared with Di An, Thuan An, Thu Dau Mot city, Ben Cat is the locality that lags behind in industrial and service development. In the years 2000-2005, Ben Cat was a district with many difficulties. The people's life was mainly based on agriculture. However, the policy of bringing industry to the North of Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee has completely transformed the face of this area. Only in the period 2010-2015, Ben Cat quickly rose to become one of the three major industrial urban areas of the province. In 2014, Ben Cat was officially upgraded to the town. Currently, Ben Cat town has more than 10 industrial zones and clusters. In which, there are many industrial parks with hundreds of hectares such as My Phuoc 1,2,3, Rach Bap, Singapore Ascendas - Protrade, Mapletree ... The number of workers and foreign experts coming to live and live. working here has increased dramatically.

On that basis, the Ben Cat real estate market became active with a series of large-scale land plot projects launched. According to local brokers, about the past 2 years, when the supply of new projects in the South of Binh Duong is no longer abundant, a part of investors have poured money into Ben Cat. The potential for economic development and cheap land prices are the basis for investors to consider that Ben Cat land plots will have room to increase prices and high liquidity in the future.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Xanh, an investor living in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, land prices in projects with beautiful locations in Di An, Thuan An are already quite high, 3 to 5 times higher than land in similar locations at Ben Cat and mostly secondary. The price is already high, so the room for land price increase in the South of Binh Duong will no longer be large. Meanwhile, Mr. Xanh said that after the success of the southern industrial zones and clusters, the FDI wave in recent years poured strongly to the north, namely, Ben Cat and Bau Bang. Therefore, this area has been and will see strong changes in infrastructure, economic structure, and population ... This fact inevitably affects the real estate market in the North in a positive direction. .

In fact, many projects in Ben Cat opened for sale since 2017 have sold out primary goods. Transaction prices on the secondary market recorded a fairly stable increase, from 10-20%. College Town 3 project opened for sale in early November 2017 is priced at 535 million dong / lot, now the price on the secondary market is 600-650 million dong / lot. Mega City project, with an offering price of 430-460 million dong / platform in mid-2017, the current transaction price on the secondary market is 550-600 million dong / platform. Center City 2 Ben Cat is offered for sale 480-500 million / platform in December 2017, the price on the secondary market is currently 530-550 million / platform ...