Suddenly, a giant mango-like whip appeared in Vietnam

Although the price is up to 1 million VND / kg, but the Taiwan jade whip is still "out of stock" in Vietnam. 

If the price of Vietnamese whip (plum) is only 35,000-60,000 VND / kg, on the market, Taiwanese whip is being sold at prices ranging from 500,000 VND to up to a million VND per kg.

Notably, despite being in the top millions of fruits, the Taiwanese whip is as expensive as fresh shrimp, even the Taiwanese whip is always in a state of out-of-stock condition.

Just opened a dozen boxes of whips to check, Ms. Khuc Ngoc Anh - owner of a high-end fruit shop in Xuan La (Tay Ho, Hanoi) just reminded the staff to quickly split the whip into the bags to transfer shipper. for guests. She said that the jade whip today returned a total of 60 kg, but she was only enough to pay the customer ordered before, but there was no surplus to display at the store.

Taiwanese whip is sold on the market for up to 1 million VND / kg (photo: Khuc Ngoc Anh)

Even for customers who booked a whip on the last weekend or today customers called to order, they have to wait until this Friday for the next trip.

“I imported this whip and sold it for a while, but I was always out of stock. Even the goods are not enough to pay orders for customers, ”she said.

According to Ms. Ngoc Anh, many people looking at it will click their tongue and say it is no different than the whips of Vietnam, but this Taiwanese jade whip is solid, thick in the intestine, sweet, watery, quite fragrant. In particular, the giant whip with a weight usually reaches from 250-350 grams / fruit.

The current price of this whip at the store is 1 million VND / kg. Calculated, a jade whip originating from Taiwan costs about 250,000-350,000 VND / fruit depending on weight.

This fruit is suitable for cooling in hot summer, so it is preferred by families with good conditions. However, on average, Taiwanese whip can only get one trip a week, so customers who want to eat often have to wait, she shared.

Although the price is quite expensive, this type of whip is still bought by many people to cool down (photo: Khuc Ngoc Anh)

Similarly, when asked to buy Taiwan jade whips at an imported food store in ward 3 (Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City), this store's staff also said that jade whips cost VND 1.2 million. / kg, but temporarily out of stock. Customers who want to buy usually have to book in advance, it is about 1 week fast, or about 10 days later.

Ms. Ha Thanh Duong of Minh Khai (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) admitted, to order a box of 2 kg jade whips, she had to wait a few days. However, in return, when you add pieces to a plate, the quality of 10 fruits is the same as all 10, sweet and firm.

“At first I saw them selling on facebook in an eye-catching box, each whip was lined with foam mesh, I thought the price would be expensive due to the presentation. When I bought it for a try, I was addicted. She said and said, although the price is quite expensive, even as expensive as Japanese fruit, she thinks the quality is good, so she often buys it for her family to eat./.